Campaign " Climate Ambassadors" made a great success in Central Federal District of Russia

More than 6 regions , 12 districts and cities, several universities and colleges, 35 schools, 600 kindergartens, schoolchildren and students took part in the All-Russian days of actions of "Climate Ambassadors" in Central Federal District of Russia.

Master classes, lectures, class hours, round tables, art actions and practical actions were carried in April and May in the educational institutions. Methodologists of Bryansk NGO "Viola" and RSEU organized an exchange of materials and consultations. The new SPARE program had a great success . The meeting was very interesting and informative.

Authors: Valentina Yakushenko, Headmaster “Gymnasium № 1 of Bryansk District” ;
Natalya Zaytseva – Deputy head education department of Bryansk District;
Ludmila Zhirina , coordinator NGO "Viola" and the co-director RSEU

Translation: Marina Shelkunova

Materials and methodical recommendations for carrying out the All-Russian days of actions for climate protection within SPARE were developed with the help of “Climate Ambassadors” program and dispatched in advance to all regions of Russia by members of SPARE Organizing committee . The updated materials contained Parisian climatic agreement and actual modern actions on energy efficiency and energy saving.

Gymnasium № 1 of Bryansk District became a basic place for carrying out of the action. Regional information SPARE Centre and the creative workshops "Climate and Energy" actively work here since 2009 with the support of headmaster Valentina Yakushenko. They organized master classes for teachers and students, adapted materials for children with disabilities.

Bryansk State Engineering Technological university and Moscow psycho-social university, Bryansk branch organized lectures using the materials of " Climate Ambassadors " and prepared students – volunteers for carrying out actions and lessons for schoolchildren.

The Bryansk ecological college conducted open classes, master classes for the students and organized training seminars for students- volunteers. Volunteers of college helped to adapt materials of the " Climate Ambassadors” Campaign for kindergartens of the Central Federal district. Teams of volunteers were also organized in kindergartens and children’s club of the Bryansk region.

We also invited students from Smolensk, Lipetsk, Oryol and other regions of Central Federal district to participate in Skype conferences. We sent them the campaign materials, the best SPARE school projects and photos of our phenological research.

The participants expanded the theoretical knowledge of climate change on the planet and in the region at the lectures, lessons, seminars.

During the actions students gave leaflets and drew emblems of the Campaign " Climate Ambassadors" on asphalt They also organized colourful carnival processions.

The campaign " Climate Ambassadors" made a good step in development of the SPARE project and added popularity to RSEU in Central Federal district of Russia.