Climate Actions

02 juny 2009 Bonn

NGOs and officials discuss Russian position at the Bann Climate Change talks.
As a result of pressure and efforts from Russian NGO-observers the Russian Delegation agrees to carry out a side event 01 of June 2009 during the Bonn
talks (28th Sessions of the UNFCCC Subsidiary Bodies and Sessions of the AWGs).
That gives a great opportunity to everyone to ask all the questions directly to the leading Russian negotiators (information from Andrey Ozharovskij, Ecodefense).

Moscow 23rd of April, 2009

the Russian Cabinet of Ministers has discussed and approved the draft Climate Doctrine for Russia, which was presented by Jury Trutnev, Minister of Nature Use and Environment. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has argued that a concrete domestic plan for action on climate is needed, and that the policies should focus on improvements of resource and energy efficiencies.
Next step - the President Medvedev should approve this document.

St,Petersburg, 10-12 November, 2008

This conference organised by the Russian Socio-Ecological Union was held in St.Petersburg on 10-12 November, 2009. Its programme included presentations about of NGO experience in the sphere of climate change and reduction of GHG emissions, about international negotiations on climate agreements and public participation in this process, about NGO position on scenarios of energy development and possibilities of “clean” energy for Russia.