Сonference program

Third RSEU All-Russian conference

NGO involvement to the national climate and energy policy

Within the conference «Environmental modernization of Russia»

Labour Union Educational Center,
Dubrovskij settlement, Moscow oblast,
25-26 October 2010


25 October
14.00. Opening, welcome form organizers.
Alexey Kokorin. Scientific vision of climate change problem.
Georgy Saphonov. Projections of greenhouse gas emissions and opportunity for its reduction.
Alexey Kokorin International climate negotiations.
Alexey Ozharovskij. NGO vision on Russian position at the international climate negotiation. Role of
NGO observers.

16.00 Coffee break
16.30 – 18.00
Pavel Bezrukih. Resources and opportunities for renewable energy in Russia/
Anders Larsen Development of EU and Norwegian climate policy relevant to Russia.
V. Ponomarev. Trends and climate variability in the Asia-Pacific region. Regional anthropogenic effects.
Ludmila Zirina. Impact of climate change to increase fire danger in the radiation-contaminated forests
of the Bryansk region.

26 October
9.00 – 11.00.
Anton Churikov. Overview of Russian legislation on energy saving and RE.
Vladimir Tchuprov. World tendencies in energy policy”
Olga Senova. Implementation of climate policy via regional and municilal programs – experience of
Sweden, UK, opportunities for Russia.
Elena Kruglikova. Experience of NGO participation in teh working group of state project “Energy
efficient district” in Apatity municipality.
Olga Senova, Anders Larsen. Russia’ resources for sustainable low-carbon energy. Presentation of
the concept for NGO Energy Report – invitation for NGOs to participate ion the report development.
11.00 Coffee break
Development of the Conference decisions.
13.00 Conference closing

14.00 Presentation of the Climate conference Decision at the Conference “Eco-modernization of Russia”.