Climate negotiations in Bonn – step to the new climate agreement for the period after 2012

Olga Senova

Second round of UNFCCC climate negotiations 2011 starts in Bonn 6th of June. The key issue: discussion of frames for the future international agreement, which hopefully will be brought to UNGCCC/COP-17 conference in Durban in November 2011. International NGO Climate Action Network has published expectation of the Durban decision.

In the end of April NGOs of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus at the CAN-EECCA meeting discussed the most actual issues concerning official position of this countries on the climate negotiations. Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are the big emitters if green house gas, Russia is a third CO2 emitter in the world. It imposes a special responsibility to these countries not only for efficient national, but also international climate policy. Unfortunately there is a very little progress in the UN climate negotiations and our countries positions within the last 2,5 years (Copenhagen – Cancun – Bangkok), and common statement of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus NGOs, approved in 2009, is still actual.

NGOs consider that self-interest of countries is stronger than the desire to solve the global problem of anthropogenic climate change. Situation can be reversed only by common efforts of all countries and all participants of the climate negotiation process - from officials to environmental organizations and citizens.

RSEU climate secretariat considers that in this context very important for Russia not to block 2nd Kyoto period until the new international agreement will be reached.