Russian Nuclear Industry Status Report for 2021

In this report, we present status information on several issues related to decommissioning of nuclear power plants in Russia. 


The report is in Russian and a summary in English is available at the end of the report. 


The content is following: 


Current State of Russian Nuclear Energy by Daria Matveenkova

Radioactive Waste Treatment System in Russia: 25 Years of Reform by Olga Pitsunova

International Activities of Rosatom by Olga Podosenova

SOSnovy Bor. Time to Revisit Safety Issues by Oleg Bodrov

Problems of the Import of Regenerated Uranium from Abroad by Andrey Talevlin 

Transfer of Steam Generators from the Balakovo Nuclear Power Plant (Saratov Region) to Murmansk Region Is Not a Solution to the Radioactive Waste Problem by Yuri Ivanov

English version: