Energy-efficient solutions for buildings are beneficial to all!

On June 21, Friends of the Baltic organized the first presentation of the new mobile exhibition of energy efficient solutions for buildings , which took place at Ecocentrum demonstration complex in St.Petersburg. On June 27, in Jurmala, the exhibition was presented to an international group of partners. The exhibition was created with participation of public organizations’ experts from Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Denmark and Norway. It demonstrates simple solutions that help to make buildings more comfortable, economical and "climate-friendly".

On June 21 the mobile exhibition was presented to teachers of St.Petersburg and Leningrad region. They may use it for education on the topic of climate and energy efficiency as part of SPARE international project (school project for application of resources and energy).

On June 27, the mobile exhibition was presented at an international seminar in Latvian Energy Efficiency Centre (in Jurmala), that was created in 2009 by Latvia’s national energy company LatEnergy. The participants of the seminar were the partners of the project «Strengthening NGOs in promotion of energy efficiency for climate protection and local development», supported by The Nordic Council of Ministers. They are: INFORSE-Europe (Denmark), Friends of the Baltic, Ecocentrum, Kola environmental centre, Russian Social-Ecological Union (Russia), Centre of Ecological Solutions (Belarus), Latvian Green Movement, Vides aizsardzības klubs (Latvia), and Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature (Norway). Other participants and experts of the seminar represented various other civil society organizations, as well as businesses and educational institutions.

Energy Efficiency Centre of LatEnergy demonstrates the wide range of energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies, examples of present-day equipment for buildings, as well as solutions for business, energy managers and the public.

Mobile exhibition «Energy-efficient building» along with an information brochure about energy efficiency in buildings follow the same principles that the ones used at professional Energy Efficiency Centers. Mobile exhibition is focused on relatively simple solutions that are available for inhabitants, homeowner associations and specialists of Management Companies that are responsible for buildings and their maintenance. These solutions can be implemented by residents themselves, for regular maintenance and during the renovation of buildings.

Mobile exhibition will be displayed in different regions of Russia, and may also be used in Russian-speaking communities of Belarus, Latvia and other countries. Saint-Petersburg, Lenigrad region, Murmansk region, Kaliningrad region and Arhangelsk region of North-West Russia are the first regions where the exhibition will be used for educational and teaching purposes. The English version of the exhibition and information brochure are also available at www.inforse.org/europe and www.baltfriends.ru.

The Jurmala seminar helped to facilitate experience exchange in the field of energy efficiency in Latvia, Denmark, Russia and Belarus.

Apart from the exhibition and the brochure, the so-called Energycase was presented to the audience. Energycase is a portable demonstration set used for supporting educational work on energy efficiency and renewable energy in buildings, which consists of a briefcase containing a set of tools and materials that may be used to increase energy efficiency of a building. The Energycase may also be of help at school and additional education classes to teach and show examples of rational use of energy.

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