Humanity is entering an era of loss and damage from climate change

International organizations ActionAid, Care International and WWF presented the joint report dedicated to compensation of climatic damage and loss at the UN climate conference in Warsaw. Some parties to the negotiations do not support the need for a separate international mechanism for compensation of damages - including the U.S. and Russia.

The report states that the mankind has entered the era of "loss and damage" caused by the climate change. The failure of efforts to mitigate global warming effects and the lack of adaptation measures have led to the fact that many countries and communities are facing increasing damage caused by climatic factors. Developing countries suffer most, while being less responsible for the ongoing climate change. This is the "extreme global injustice," the authors report.

The authors of the report argue that even in the case of the immediate measures to prevent the global temperature rise over two degrees, the damage caused by the greenhouse gases already released into the atmosphere is unavoidable. The rise in sea level is an example.

There are many mechanisms in the framework of the UN climate process, but that is not sufficient, according to the report. None of the existing tools includes compensation for loss of means of subsistence for a fall harvest caused by rising global temperatures. Also, it is impossible to compensate for the loss of fishing because of ocean acidification. According to the report, all this points to the need for approval of a new separate mechanism to compensate for "loss and damage."

It should be noted that not everything in the matter is simple and clear. It is often quite difficult to prove that a particular extreme weather event and the damage from is a consequence of namely human influence on climate. Not all parties to the negotiations support the need for a separate mechanism on the damage. These include the United States and Russia.

Alexander Bedritskiy, the Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation on Climate, said in his statement published on the eve of the talks in Poland: "Issues of loss and damage from climate change shall be discussed in the framework of existing adaptation mechanisms, technological and financial assistance for capacity building in developing countries."

Source: http://below2.ru