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An overwhelming majority of Russia’s residents is confident that the Earth’s climate is changing. Unlike domestic climatic skeptics, they believe that human activity is the major cause for climate changes. The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (ARPORC) has published results of a survey of Russian citizens regarding the Earth’s climate status. 

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The Khanty-Mansisky Autonomic District / Yugra Government approved the Plan of Action for Climate Change Adaptation.  The survey held by the Climate Secretariat of the Russian Social Ecological Union confirmed that regions had started to shape their climate policies but they lack systematic state support in this sphere.  

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The General Layout of the Russian Power Objects has been published and outcomes of the tender selection for renewable energy facilities (RESs) were announced.  The Russian alternative power sector is developing in accordance with the plan but the plan does not foresee any noticeable growth of the sector. 

The solar power development will attract more investments than the coal, gas, and nuclear power production combined: the Frost & Sullivan Research Company presented its report on the “Global Power Industry Outlook 2017.” So far, no rapid development of solar power development can be seen in Russia, despite its huge potential in this sphere.

Participants of the UN climate negotiations session in Bonn (Germany) have composed everything necessary to outline the structure of the Paris Climate Agreement realization, i.e., draft lists of the parts of negotiation texts for the Parties’ Conference (КС-23). The initiatives of the “May Bonn” should make the basis for another conference in Bonn, i.e., the main climate meeting of the year, which will take place next November. 

The beginning of the Silk Road Forum in Beijing on May 14 was marked by the EU's demands for openness and social and environmental responsibility of Chinese projects in Eurasian countries. Meanwhile, before the Silk Road Forum, residents of the Kabansky district of Buryatia thanked the Eximbank and Department of the People's Republic of China for compliance with the recommendations of the World Heritage Convention, after China froze the financing of the Egiin hydroelectric power station in the catchment area of the Lake Baikal.


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Russia can quadruple its quota in renewable energy sources in it power balance by 2030.  The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) had presented a special report on the “RESs Road Map 2030. Prospects for the Development of Renewable Energy for RF.” Even the ambitious plans we can hear today can provide for a lot less than Russia needs and than it corresponds to its RESs resources, representatives of public environmental organizations believe.

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Russian scholars have developed a climate model which allows to identify the most vulnerable to climate change territories. Support of scholarly researches and programs for adaptation of Russian regions should be the priority of state support, representatives of public environmental organizations believe.

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Representatives of the Russian energy business argue against reduction of state support to renewable energy sources.  Representatives of the Enel energy company established in the result of reforming RAO UES of Russia sent a letter to Vice Prime Minister Arkadiy Dvorkovich concerning the negative impact on the economy of the resolution on reduction of the RESs-generated power takeoff.