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On January 12, RSEU Climate Secretariat held a webinar for all those interested in climate action in Russia's regions. It focused on why climate plans are needed, what tasks they are able to solve, and how NGOs can help in the preparation and implementation of such plans.

Russia is one of the few countries which still have not ratified the Paris Agreement. Discussion on its aspects is currently taking place in Bonn (Germany) at the UN Climatic Conference. On the eve of the summit, the Climate Action Tracker (CAT) research group placed Russia into the list of countries with “catastrophically inadequate climate policy.”

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Adults and children attending kindergartens in the Central Federal District of the Russian Federation began to participate in the SPARE program since 2014. During this time, the SPARE program coordinators of our region developed business games on energy saving exclusively for children. The games were adapted from a book called “The thermal power plant from nothing” by V. Shinkarenko, the author of methodical recommendations for the creation of warm houses for pets.

The global UN Climate Change Conference (СОР-23) is starting on November 6 in Bonn (Germany). While no cardinal decisions are expected to be made in the course of the summit, civil society activists anticipate that the event will show the world the unanimity of countries in the acknowledgement of the climate change problem and ways of its resolution. Russian NGOs have approved a Position, addressed to COP23 and national official delegation http://rusecounion.ru/eng_rseu_position_bonn2017

SPARE activists in the Central District of Russia, members of the RSEU, collected a collection of the best films created by our students-participants of SPARE competitions in 2010 - 2017. The announcement of the auto-film tour was sent to small settlements in Bryansk, Moscow, Kaluga, Yaroslavl, Oryol regions by e-mail in the end of August. Ecological settlements, local schools and kindergartens, clubs, libraries and simply farm families invited us to talk about the SPARE program with the help of short video films. In September 2017, we held a three-week film tour in those settlements that haven’t become members of the SPARE program yet.

Nine German cities intend to abandon air-polluting diesel automobiles.  Nearly all major European cities are planning to ban exploitation of ground transport with combustion engines within the next 10-20 years.  Electric cars started to appear in Russia as well.  However, even advocates of nature consider the level of environmental friendliness of electric cars as questionable. Are cars charged from an electric socket really that nature-friendly?  

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An overwhelming majority of Russia’s residents is confident that the Earth’s climate is changing. Unlike domestic climatic skeptics, they believe that human activity is the major cause for climate changes. The All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (ARPORC) has published results of a survey of Russian citizens regarding the Earth’s climate status. 

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The Khanty-Mansisky Autonomic District / Yugra Government approved the Plan of Action for Climate Change Adaptation.  The survey held by the Climate Secretariat of the Russian Social Ecological Union confirmed that regions had started to shape their climate policies but they lack systematic state support in this sphere.  

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The General Layout of the Russian Power Objects has been published and outcomes of the tender selection for renewable energy facilities (RESs) were announced.  The Russian alternative power sector is developing in accordance with the plan but the plan does not foresee any noticeable growth of the sector. 

The solar power development will attract more investments than the coal, gas, and nuclear power production combined: the Frost & Sullivan Research Company presented its report on the “Global Power Industry Outlook 2017.” So far, no rapid development of solar power development can be seen in Russia, despite its huge potential in this sphere.