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International "Ecodefence" Group has released a report "Overview of options for introducing renewable energy in the Russian Federation." Environmentalists believe that the potential for renewable energy is present in all regions of Russia, and without development of renewables the country and regions are doomed to technological backwardness, significant economic costs and a severe burden on the environment.

The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation has started discussions of the "Energy Strategy of Russia until 2035." The last update of the document was made five years ago. The Climate Secretariat of the Social Ecological Union comments the paragraphs of the Energy Strategy, most important from the standpoint of public environmental organizations.

International conference of Climate Action Network of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia was held from 19 till 23 of February in Tbilisi. Climate Secretariat of Russian Socio-Ecological Union has participated in this event. Public stands for ambitious national CO2 reduction targets corresponding to global challenges to slow down the climate change. For Russia greenhouse gas emissions reduction should be a priority in the energy sectordevelopment.

Action will be held as demonstrations, pickets and flash-mobs in different cities during 7 days. The goal of this action is to draw attention to the terribly unjust adjudication - 3 years in prison, that Eugene Vitishko got for protecting nature. The RSEU has adopted a Statement on the Eugene Vitishko.

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The Regulations for generating facilities changed on February 1, 2014, simplifying the procedure for qualification of the generation operating on renewable energy sources (RES) at wholesale and retail electricity markets. The time period for companies entering the market could reduce by several times. Representatives of environmental organizations hope that the number of barriers to development of energy alternatives in Russia will reduce and bring concrete results.

ОNatural hazardous events were registered in more subjects of the Russian Federation in 2013 than previously. Experts say that the "nervosity" of the environment is growing. Representatives of environmental organizations and scientists are confident that prompt action on adaptation to climate change may reduce the impact of these trends.

Speaking at an economic forum in Davos, the World Bank President Jim Yong Kim called the coming year "the year of fight with climate change" and called on financial leaders to take responsibility for this fight.

The end of the year is usually the time to evaluate the year. In 2013 the concentration of climate-warming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere passed the milestone level of 400 parts per million for the first time in human history. How much more dioxide emissions people can release in the atmosphere without speeding up dangerous climate change? Scientists have concluded that more than half of the "carbon budget" has already been spent. There are no doubts now that the observed global warming is man’s handiwork, and there is no time left to think, whether to act.

The authors of "Outlook for Energy Development in the World and in Russia until 2040" come to the following conclusion: "Russia can no longer live at the expense of the income from hydrocarbon exports. The main task for the next 25 years is radical increase in efficiency of public and corporate governance, including improving energy efficiency of the economy."

RusHydro experts do not agree with calculations of the Russian Government on development of renewable energy sources - they consider the plans overstated. Meanwhile another state corporation, RUSNANO, plans to double its assets in RES, and the industry refuses to centralized energy and builds its own power plants.