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Many countries, municipalities and companies have announced their plans to achieve carbon net zero by this or that year. These plans raise many questions and are criticised for the widespread use of carbon offset trading.

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Russia turned out to be one of the anti-leaders in the Climate Action Tracker ranking. Experts assessed Russia’s current climate policy as “extremely insufficient.” According to experts and representatives of public organizations, the country needs to set a date to achieve carbon neutrality and make ambitious short-term goals.

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Every year, Russian non-governmental organizations, public associations and experts jointly prepare a Statement for the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties. The document contains both criticism and proposals for climate action and is addressed to the parties to the Paris Agreement, the participating countries of the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties. The second part of the Statement is addressed directly to the leadership of the Russian Federation. The statement was supported by more than 20 Russian non-governmental organizations.

Due to climate change Russia will face weather phenomena never seen before - the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has published the first part of the Sixth Assessment Report. According to experts and representatives of public organizations, measures to reduce emissions and adaptation should be taken immediately.

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation has sent a new version of the draft Low-Carbon Development Strategy until 2050 for approval by the departments. The implementation of the most likely scenario does not lead to carbon neutrality, and greenhouse gas emissions will increase. Instead of reducing emissions from carbon-intensive industries, it relies on forests to absorb CO2, say public environmental activists.

Long-awaited news for Russian exporters: the European Commission has released a package of proposals on the “Border Carbon Adjustment Mechanism.” NGO activists and experts believe that Russia needs to take systemic measures at the state level and help industries adapt to the transition economy.

A week ago GLOBAL 2000 - Friends of the Earth Austria went to court for climate action in Austria together with Fridays for Future and affected persons (Peter Fliegenschnee, retired person, Monika Jasansky, farmer), after the economic minister rejected the requested regulation. The plaintiffs demand a step-wise ban for selling fossil fuels until 2040.This is an example of the right approach for all countries including Russia to fulfill obligations under Paris agreement.

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After four years of discussions and numerous amendments, the Federal Law “On the State Regulation of Emissions and Absorption of Greenhouse Gases” was passed. According to public environmental activists, the adoption of the document should be followed by concrete actions to reduce emissions.

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Following Sakhalin, the Kaliningrad region volunteered to conduct climate experiments on its territory. In the nearest future, at least seven carbonic landfills and more carbonic farms will appear in Russia. Representatives of public environmental organizations believe that reduction of emissions from energy and industry, sustainable forest management, and protection of natural ecosystems can help the climate in the first place.

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The international community marked Russia’s climate activism with a publication on the website of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Shortly before that, the President of Russia adopted a new decree on science and technology policy in the field of climate change. Representatives of public environmental organizations believe that Russia should take responsibility for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and support the development of non-resource sectors of the economy.

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