Open Lessons on Energysaving at Russian International Energy Forum in 2016

On 17-19th of May Environmental organization "Friends of the Baltic" and Energy efficiency Center of St. Petersburg held a series of media presentations and interactive lessons on energy efficiency for students and teachers, using SPARE materials at the Russian International Energy Forum (RIEF). Students learned what energy audit is, why we should insulate our apartments and save planet's resources, how to use energy efficiently, without reducing the comfort of life.

In the frameworks of the international SPARE project (School project on application recourses and energy) more than 15 years Friends of the Baltic do trainings and lessons for students and teachers, helping to implement simple energy efficiency solutions at schools and houses. The topic of media presentations and interactive open lessons for older students on RIEF was energy saving at appartments. The sessions involved volunteers – students of St. Petersburg state Polytechnic University.

Which equipment is the biggest consumer of electricity? How and why you need to save hot water? What "gadgets" can help you to save heat and electricity in the house? All this was presented on open lessons. In the end students got the tasks: they needed to determine where there is potential for energy savings and what measures can be applied on the model of the modern house.

Participants were very creative in their proposals, they figured out that light wallpaper reflect light and therefore it is possible to use fewer lamps in the room, washing machine and dishwasher should be used at full load and instead of a bath it is better to use shower. All this will help rationalize the use of resources that are used for energy production - oil, gas and coal, reserves of which are limited on the planet.

At the end of the event students received booklets with advices on energy saving, with which they will be able to convey information to parents and friends.

Media presentations and interactive lessons on energy saving in RIEF-2016 was attended by about 500 pupils, teachers, students and other forum participants.