Энергоэффективность и энергосбережение

Климатический план школы — это общешкольный проект, включающий как образование и просвещение школьников по теме изменения климата, так и вовлечение всего коллектива школы в совместную деятельность по экологизации всей школы в фокусе энерго- и ресурсосбережения и других климатически дружественных решений.

At the current pace of state program implementation, the energy intensity of the gross domestic product will decrease by no more than 21% by 2035, the Ministry of Economic Development presented the State Report on the state of energy conservation in the RF. Representatives of the Russian Social and Ecological Union believe that practical actions and financing are crucial for the improvement of energy efficiency.

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FoE Russia and Interfax-Era presented their joint project “Rating for nature protection” at the Second Paris Peace Forumon November 11-13. The project was marked as the best governance tool by the Forum organisers. The tool can be used by banks, investment funds and development institutions for priority financing of the most environmentally responsible and transparent industries and companies that use the best available technologies (BAT) for sustainable development.

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“The world develops towards the clean energy propelled by technology and not resources.” The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) published a report on the upcoming revisions of the geopolitical world map. Representatives of public organizations also believe that decarbonization is the most promising way for the development of national economies striving for the “secure” sustainable future.

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The International Energy Agency (IEA) has published the Energy Efficiency 2018 report, in which experts named the energy efficiency “the cornerstone” of a reliable and environmental sustainable global power system.  Conclusions of international analysts may become the guideline to follow for many countries, Russia being one of them, focused at economical growth, representatives of public environmental organizations believe.

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Any resident of Russia can now become a producer of renewable energy. The Governmental Commission for legislative drafting activities approved the bill on micro generation.  

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Russia’s positions in the international rating of energy efficiency of the major world states composed by the American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy (АСЕЕЕ) dropped down. At that, both experts and public environmental activists are sure that energy efficiency might become the core element of modernization and decarbonization of the country’s economy.

“Outcomes of the two decades of reforms in the Russian power sector disappointed those who stand for liberalization and decarbonization,” authors of the Report published by the Oxford Energy Institute wrote.

The President of Russia signed a law that abolishes mandatory energy audits, but at the same time obliges organizations to reduce the use of energy resources. In the opinion of the environmental community, reserves for the improvement of energy efficiency of buildings and organizations’ energy efficient management are enormous and have not been realized yet.

The RF Government has adopted a Complex Plan for the enhancement of energy efficiency of the national economy. A whole list of events focused on the reduction of energy intensity of the gross domestic product until 2030 for “no less than 1.5%” annually, and also on provision of the decrease of technological backwardness of the Russian Federation from the leading countries” has been developed. How realistic is that sort of reboot? 

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