Waste battle: simple and important

Although the restrictions related to the pandemic have not yet been fully lifted, the Urals participants in the SPARE project continue to carry out environmental activities. The Green Watch movement has opened the KvARTal eco-class in Severouralsk (Ural region). The topic of the first lesson was related to waste. Serious talk about waste, its classification and waste disposal methods was interspersed with games and creative tasks.

“The main goal of the eco-class is environmental education. Today in the game "Yes-No - Maybe" we discussed very important issues. For example, can schoolchildren influence the solution of problems related to municipal solid waste. The majority answered that they can - through «subbotniks» and projects, and most importantly - through self-education. Quantity must necessarily turn into quality. Not to give up, but to gather a team of like-minded people to solve problems with waste disposal - this was the point of view of many participants in today's eco-class ", - commented the results of the first lesson program coordinator of the Green Watch Movement Elena Karpusheva.

“Someone found out, and someone remembered what kind of waste there are, how to properly handle different types of waste. Also, everyone expressed their point of view on global environmental issues and dreamed of how in Severouralsk it is possible to deal with garbage and go to an environmentally friendly future. The lesson was intense and fruitful. New ideas for projects have appeared ”, - shared his impressions of the leader of the first lesson, chairman Artem Anisimov.

Yulia Alekseeva, a chemistry teacher from school 11, who came to class with her son Platon, has long been engaged in separate waste collection, and it was interesting for her to tell about her experience and share her ideas with other participants in the eco-class. Acting as a speaker in one of the assignments, she said:

“The idea of ​​the project is as follows: first, we form the habit of sorting garbage at home in people. Projects, quests, flash mobs will do - everything that will help teach people how to sort garbage in an unobtrusive and even playful way. It must be shown that this is simple and at the same time very important. The publishing house of the local newspaper wrote in detail about the points of acceptance of the paper. It is also necessary to install containers for the collection of sorted waste: paper, glass, metal, plastic, hazardous waste. It's not easy with old things ... I do not yet have a clear idea of ​​how it works in the real conditions of our city and region, but I am sure that somewhere this is already being done. You need to find people, learn from experience, see how it works in other cities. "

“Studies show that about a third of emissions can be reduced through the 'human factor' - citizen participation and environmental choices. - says Olga Podosenova, SPARE coordinator in the Urals region. "Therefore, the more people start to think about their impact on the environment and reduce their ecological footprint, the faster we all - the inhabitants of the planet - will come to climate harmony."

The participants of the event came to the conclusion: the topic of collection and sorting of solid municipal waste is very relevant. But, it is not enough to say “NO!” to waste, you need to know how to do it competently and together, and not in a separate apartment or office.

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