Traditionally means Energyefficiently

“The lifestyle of the indigenous peoples of the North is a ready-made 'life hack' for reducing the ecological footprint. - Participants of the SPARE program eco-activists of the «Green Watch» Movement took part in the Old-Filin ethnographic festival (Severouralsk, Sverdlovsk region) and got acquainted with the traditions of the northern Mansi people and their climate-friendly and energy-efficient way of life.

The Mansiysk holiday, held in Severouralsk, is associated with the keeper of the Northern Urals - Old Owl - Yipyg Oyki in mansy language.

The "Field of Masters" was located in the open air, where one could participate in master classes: make a Mansi doll, work with birch bark, try to weave a small shirt or “Malitsa”. The Chum (like teepee) housed the exposition of the Severouralsk Museum of Local Lore. It was possible to try culinary products from traditional Mansi folk cuisine, aromatic tea brewed on “wellness” grass - meadowsweet.

A concert and presentation of national farmsteads took place, drawn Mansi and Khanty cartoons were shown in the cinema. A guest from Yakutia, Olena Uutai, held a master class on playing the jew's harp.

With particular interest young environmentalists got acquainted with the life of the northern peoples - each element of life (house arrangement, daily life, etc.) is energy efficient and economical.

“Traditional culture is a treasure trove of recipes, as 'life hacks' to reduce the climate footprint,”- says Olga Podosenova, coordinator of the SPARE project in the Ural region. - “On the one hand, the northern peoples have thousands of years of experience of surviving in extreme weather conditions, and on the other, they are the ones who most vulnerable from climate change. It is necessary to collect grains of the experience of the northern peoples. It is also important to formulate programs for climate adaptation of the northern regions. "


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