Municipal Green Route – about climate, energy, plastic and eco-lifestyle

St.Petersburg citizens thanks to Green Route have learned how to decrease their own eсo-footprint, reduce energy consumption and housing costs without loss of comfort, how to avoid waste, and protect nature waters of microplastics.

Green route was organized by local municipality Sennoy Okrug and Friends of the Baltic NGO, it has already been carried out 10 times and became a tradition.

Local residents gathered at the environmental exhibition where they have known what their eco-footprint consist of,  and how we can reduce it if choose energy efficient solutions in our homes, follow green choice in the shop, refuse to buy single use or useless goods.

At the excursion along the city streets the guide told residents about transport impact to nature and climate, opportunities to choose environmentally friendly transport, like metro, tram, other public transport, bicycle – and avoid cars as much as possible.

The Green route went through city green zones, which have a high importance for cleaning air, for climate adaptation and comfort for people and animals. Finally excursion came to the Griboedov Channel – one of the most famous one among river and channels of St.Petersburg. At the channel the guide introduced the audience to the problem of microplastic in nature waters, explained that it may come to water from our cosmetics which includes small plastic particles, or from the destruction of large plastic debris. Refuse of single use plastic is the first urgent solution which can protect water form microplasticts

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