“Energy saving calendars”, project of social cause advertisement for energy saving in the Far Eastern Federal Distric



Author: Galina Chan, SPARE coordinator in the Far Eastern Federal District; additional education teacher, Municipal autonomous institution of additional education «Vladivostok City Palace of Children's Creativity»

An unusual exhibition adorns the walls of the winter garden in Vladivostok City Palace of Children's Creativity. Here you can see pocket calendars with children's drawings about energy saving.

There are calendars for the period of 11 years: beginning from the year of 2010 to 2020. Each of them has a “green date” – November 11, International Energy Saving Day. The opening of the exhibition was timed to coincide with the International Saving Energy Day 2020.


Every day the children attending study clubs in Vladivostok City Palace of Children's Creativity and their parents get acquainted with the exhibition.

Such an exposition is the result of a partnership between School Project for application of resources and energy “SPARE"   in the Far Eastern Federal District and the largest Far Eastern publishing house Dalpress. 

Our collaboration began in 2009. For the first time we published pocket calendars for 2010 with drawings of the participants of the open regional competition of school projects on energy efficiency “Energy and Habitat”. For the nomination “Society Informing” children draw their leaflets and posters.

Thereafter, every year Dalpress supports the initiative Vladivostok City Palace of Children's Creativity and places contestants’ drawings on pocket calendars. Calendars are run off 500-5000 copies.

Such design of pocket calendars promotes energy saving ideas among the people.

Every year calendars are distributed to school children and teachers – participants of the events held by Vladivostok City Palace of Children's Creativity and Nakhodka center of children's and youth tourism and travelling. All participants (school children and teachers) of SPARE project in the Far Eastern Federal District receive such calendar. Within previous several years the citizens of Vladivostok city received these “energy saving calendar” during shopping in such stores as “Clever Electricity” and “Elektrissimo”.

Now the release of the same calendars is planned for 2021.

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