The “Climate Train” drove through the “stations”, which were organized by the Youth Club “Fakel”, the Rehabilitation Center in Severouralsk and the children's Camp in the Bayanovka village. The campaign trains include sentries of the “Zeleny Dozor” (Green Watch), counselors and volunteers from the “Small Hands of Help” Unit.

The main issues of the program was acquaintance of the participants with climate change problems. The “Climate propaganda team” divided travel participants into teams, each received creative tasks: to formulate the most pressing climate change problems, to invent and make a book on the topic “What is Climate Change and how can its changes affect Nature and People?”

“Our “Campaign Train” traveled through the “stations” for two days. The topic of Climate Change is relevant, and everyone needs to know about it, because the climate today is influenced in many ways by people, ” - says Zeleny Dozor activist Alina Morozova. – Participants (these are mostly children and teenagers from 6 to 14 years old) were able to understand the climate change problem and vividly responded to the creative task. In the Rehabilitation Center the children themselves produced books with drawings and text to them in a short time. And in the Camp for children in Bayanovka village teachers offered to make crafts with children from natural materials. Everyone worked very amicably - the topic touched everyone”, - Alina said.

“This form of Education with children is interesting and informative both for us, the organizers, and children,” - says assistant counselor Alena Zekina. - The guys just an hour learned new information in a game form and were able to immediately give “feedback” - to show their vision of climate change problems. The creative task itself - to make a book about climate - not only became a form of this “feedback”, but rallied the guys.”

“I, as a person who participates in such a case for the first time, was very impressed,” - says Diana Komleva, commander of the “Small Hands of Help” Unit team. - The Climate Change train was a breeze and very interesting: only two days and such a high-quality result!”

“Climate change is not an easy topic, but despite the fact that it affects everyone, - says Olga Podosenova, Urals region SPARE coordinator. – Unfortunately the current schoolchildren will be affected by this problem, even more our generation. It is very important children now understand the causal relationship between their activities and the consequences for the environment. In this case, in the future we will have a more conscious generation and representatives of the authorities. ”

Teenagers from the “Fakel” Club together with the sentinel ones actively participate in Climate Change events: they member developed the Climate Plan and sent it to the SPARE competition.

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