Climate infokit. Climate-neutral transport (collection of abstracts)

This information package contains materials on possible ways
to counter the climate crisis. The package includes five brochures, an analytical report and four collections of publications with annotations. These materials examine climate-friendly solutions in various sectors of human activity.

Much attention is paid to the Nordic countries' experience, which has made significant progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change. Since these countries' climatic and natural conditions in these countries are similar to those in a large part of Russia, this experience is of particular interest. 

The materials are intended for a wide range of readers: environmental activists working in the field of global climate change, journalists, specialists from municipalities and the general public. The material is published in Russian.





Download infokit on low carbon transport in Russian

This collection of materials is part of an information package prepared in cooperation and through the exchange of experience of NGOs in the North-West of Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland and other countries.

All of these materials are available at: https://rusecounion.ru/eng/climateinfokit


English version: