Renewable energy sources in the Nordic countries and Russia (Climate Infokit: brochure)

This brochure describes the current state and prospects for the development of renewable energy sources in the Nordic countries and Russia. The Nordic countries are among the leaders in this field. Therefore, their experience and plans are a matter of particular interest. The brochure is published in Russian.

The potential of wind and solar energy in the Northern European countries and in the Russian Federation is compared. The potentials of various types of renewable sources in Russia are analyzed. Approaches to solving the problem of instability of wind and solar power generation, including in Europe, are described. Various methods of energy storage are analyzed. The climate and environmental impacts of renewable energy sources were discussed. It is concluded that the potential of renewable sources in Russia provides the opportunity to completely abandon the use of fossil fuels and guarantee the success of the full transition to renewable energy. 

The brochure is intended for environmental activists working in the field of global climate change, teachers, journalists, specialists of municipalities and the general public.

This brochure is part of an information package developed to raise awareness about possible ways to counter the climate crisis by the Russian Social and Environmental Union and the Friends of the Baltic in cooperation with AirClim (Sweden), Naturvernforbundet (Norway), EcoEnergy (Finland), Green Planet (Russia) and through the exchange of experience with many other public organizations in the North-West of Russia and the Nordic countries.

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This collection of materials is part of an information package prepared in cooperation and thanks to the exchange of experience of NGOs in the North-West of Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland and other countries.

All of these materials are available at: https://rusecounion.ru/climateinfokit



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