Energy efficiency — the main step towards a sustainable climate (Climate Infokit: brochure)

This brochure describes the current state and prospects for the development of energy efficiency in the Nordic countries and Russia, as a key tool for climate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Nordic countries are among the leaders in this field, thus it is of particular interest to learn about their experience and plans. The brochure is published in Russian.

The brochure examines the current state of energy efficiency in Russia and other countries, the plans of the Nordic countries in this area, current challenges and prospects for the development of energy efficiency in Russia. Special attention is paid to the issues of energy efficiency of buildings and energy labeling.

The brochure is intended for environmental activists and leaders of non-profit organizations working in the field of the climate crisis, journalists, municipal leaders and the general public.





Download brochure on energy efficiency in Russian


This collection of materials is part of an information package prepared in cooperation and thanks to the exchange of experience of NGOs in the North-West of Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland and other countries.

All of these materials are available at: https://rusecounion.ru/climateinfokit



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