STATEMENT by the Climate Secretariat of the Russian Socio-Ecological Union

On 12 October, the First Channel of the Russian TV has shown a ‘documentary’, which denied connection between global warming and human activities. The film proposed to explain global warming by variations in solar activity, and attention to GHG releases by political tricks of definite forces.

The film abounds in ignorant and irresponsible statements and misrepresentations, for example, that the purpose of the Kyoto protocol is ‘limiting production’, including limiting progress in developing countries. Or that chlorine is a globally widespread element and that it is not worth preventing extensive production of harmful artificial chlorine substances.

The film does not mention a word about inefficient use of energy, about extremely huge energy losses in Russia and in other countries, and about corresponding needless releases of greenhouse gases.

The practice of keeping silence about problems related to global warming instead of broad and honest discussion causes deep regret. Climate changes and need for adaptation to its consequences is a serious economic and social problem. Russian citizens receive much less information about it as compared with residents in many other countries. In this connection especially regretful is presentation of biased information, with no arguments by the absolute majority of scientists from the whole world.

No information is given also about climate changes that take place in Russia stated in the Assessment Report on Climate Change and its Consequences in Russian Federation (http://climate2008.igce.ru/v2008/htm/index00.htm).

The RSEU Climate Secretariat states that complete and timely implementation of the existing plans on energy saving and energy efficiency, extensive development of renewable energy sources are urgently needed. The RSEU is sure that the transition to high-tech energy-efficient technologies will contribute not only in cuts of GHG emissions, but in reaching competitiveness of the Russian economy.

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