SPARE webinar on waste and climate topic

On November 2, was held a webinar for SPARE teachers on the topic of waste and climate change connection and the inclusion of this topic in school environmental projects. Environmental Movement 42 (Arkhangelsk) shared its experience of work with different stakeholders to reduce waste. SPARE commitie presented a manual for conducting ecological classes "Waste, Resources and Climate".

The new textbook “Waste, Resources and Climate” is an appendix to the SPARE textbook “Energy and Environment”. We recommend both of these manuals as basic ones for preparing school projects for the Energy and Habitat competition, which is traditionally held from September to March in different regions of Russia.

Anastasia Kochneva, a member of the coordinating council of the "Environmental Movement 42", spoke about the experience of the organization in Arkhangelsk in interacting with schools on the topic of waste management, organizing campaigns for separate waste collection, shared ideas for school projects in this topic. Showed how community activists can promote green business advices and how to deal with food waste in cities and countryside. She also spoke about work at the "highest level" - interaction with a regional operator to solve the waste issue.

Elizaveta Merinova talked about the connection between climate and waste, how to work with schoolchildren on this topic, about the structure of the new SPARE manual “Waste, Resources and Climate”. Together with the participants of the webinar, she discussed how we can help ensure that the school is free of disposable plastic, what steps can be taken. Elizaveta spoke about methods for calculating greenhouse gas emissions from landfills or incineration. All this information is useful for the development of school projects for the SPARE school competition "Energy and Habitat".

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