A vivid presentation of SPARE projects in the field of medicine and regional studies took place at the Bryansk Pedagogical College

Authors: Oleg Kalmykov, Ph.D., teacher of geography at the Bryansk vocational pedagogical college.

Ludmila Zhirina, Ph.D., associate professor, coordinator of the Bryansk regional public organization "Viola".

Interpreter: Bamidele Oni, Founder, Green Impact Eco-Smart Development, and Advocacy Initiative

In December 2021, a conference  themed "Student and Science" was held on the basis of the Bryansk Vocational Pedagogical College. One of the main areas of work was the popularization and promotion of the SPARE Program among students - future teachers. College teachers and over 100 students demonstrated and defended their projects for the Energy and Environment competition.

On December 16-17, 2021, the Bryansk NGO "Viola", the regional coordinator of the SPARE program, and the Bryansk Vocational Pedagogical College held the VII Open Scientific and Practical Conference "Student and Science". More than 100 students - future teachers of kindergartens and elementary schools, listened to and discussed 6 scientific reports of a modern environmental focus, presented by scientists from the Bryansk region. One of the main directions of reports and projects of the conference was the theme of the SPARE program: "Let's save the climate, saving energy and resources!" Ludmila Zhirina presented the SPARE Program 2021-2022; told about new books, teaching aids, exhibitions on climate, energy saving, energy efficiency, and waste management. Oleg Kalmykov talked about his personal participation in the competition "Energy and Habitat" in 2016-2021, where he introduced the students and teachers of the college to the collection of his own SPARE projects, which he completed in nomination No. 4 for teachers: saving energy and resources ”. This collection of "Traditions of Energy Efficiency and Resource Saving of the Bryansk Territory" includes detailed information about the SPARE Program, the competition of school projects and author's projects of Oleg Kalmykov, who became the winners of the All-Russian SPARE competition: "Let's clean the rivers and save the living forest!" and "Shutters on the windows - fashionable, warm, beautiful and traditional!" This collection and author's projects are used in the college for work in regenology and project science. Each student prepared and defended his own project within the framework of the "Student and Science" conference.

More than 30% of projects were done by students on energy and resource conservation. Moreover, many students chose an unusual aspect: the possibility of using saving technologies in medicine. Indeed, various devices "Artificial organs" help a person to breathe, cleanse and drive blood through the body for many months. These devices are made of rare and expensive metals and use a huge amount of energy. College students became interested in combining resource and energy conservation with the issues of improving medical equipment.

At the conference, future teachers and educators received up-to-date knowledge on climate, energy, resources and new books of the SPARE program for the college library.

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