In times of self-isolation nine regions of Russia and Bulgaria, 30 schools, more than 350 schoolchildren took part in an unusual workshop in April-May 2020. The basis of the distance workshop was the in-depth study of  some graphic and text materials of the pop-up book "Energy efficient building. Problems and Solutions for Efficient and Economical Use of Energy", created by the Russian SPARE program in 2017.

The period “Stay at home” -  is the time for environmental education, - decided the young activists from Yekaterinburg and Severouralsk. During quarantine, they don’t waste time in vain and conduct video tutorials, participate in online lectures and continue to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. Ways to save resources and energy, waste management, climate and health - these topics became the reason for the virtual events of young Urals.

Gazprom School’s staff has been taking part in the activities of the SPARE educational program on climate change and energy for 2 years. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the team of the TEC "Erudite" (Bishkek, the Republic of Kyrgyzstan) joined the work. We use SPARE's materials and recommendations at our work.

The project by Darya Kozlovskaya "Newspaper “Raindrops" was recognized as the best in the class. She sent it to the regional competition and then to the all-Russian one. This project of the 9-year-old girl about   a real daily saving of resources and energy in a large family became the winner of the Russian competition SPARE - 2019. She took the first place in the nomination "Informing of Society"!

Взрослые и дети из детских садов Центрального федерального округа начали участвовать в программе ШПИРЭ в 2014. За это время координаторы программы ШПИРЭ нашего региона разработали деловые игры по энергосбережению для детей, сценарий утренника в стихах «ТЭЦ из ничего» (автор московский академик Шинкаренко В.В.) , методические рекомендации по созданию теплых домиков для домашних животных.

Команда активистов ШПИРЭ в Центральном федеральном округе (ЦФО), члены РСоЭС,  собрала коллекцию лучших фильмов, созданных нашими школьниками в рамках конкурсов ШПИРЭ в 2010 – 2017 гг. Анонс авто-фильмо-тура был отправлен в небольшие поселения Брянской, Московской, Калужской, Ярославской, Орловской областей по электронной почте в конце августа.

15 апреля в Российской государственной библиотеке для молодёжи прошёл стендап «Расскажи свою идею министру», где член Совета Российского социально-экологического союза и со-координатор молодежной программы Дарья Мытарева представила всероссийскую молодежную кампанию «Посланники климата».

On December 14, Friends of the Baltic NGO, SPARE experts and Ecocentrum Ltd with the support of Profine-RUS (JSC) and school № 579 organized and conducted a training-seminar for Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region school Ecoadvisers.

On Earth Day, April 22, Climate ambassadors began a nationwide Climate Action Days, which lasted until May the 1st in all regions of the country. The campaign was prepared by Russian Socio-ecological Union (RSEU) and the environmental organization "Friends of the Baltic". It was held in the framework of international SPARE project (School project for the rational use of resources and energy) and the "Climate Ambassadors". During Climate Action Days thousands of students and local people in the different regions of Russia became participants of lectures, lessons, games, contests and other events, the main idea of which was to attract society to solve the problem of climate change.

On 17-19th of May Environmental organization "Friends of the Baltic" and Energy efficiency Center of St. Petersburg held a series of media presentations and interactive lessons on energy efficiency for students and teachers, using SPARE materials at the Russian International Energy Forum (RIEF). Students learned what energy audit is, why we should insulate our apartments and save planet's resources, how to use energy efficiently, without reducing the comfort of life.