International Climate Negotiations

Despite the fact that the UN climate conference in Warsaw was called a failure long before its closing, its participants still managed to find compromises. During forty "overtime" hours, the negotiating parties managed to agree on damages and losses and on long-term financing.

Expert materials on problems and solutions in the field of climate and energy for sustainable development of Russia were presented in the final week of the UN Climate Conference in Warsaw. Damage to the Russian economy from the effects of climate change can be up to 0.7 trillion dollars a year. Actions in the field of energy efficiency shall give a real alternative to creation of new dirty power plants, harming nature and climate.

Local observers at the climate negotiations in Warsaw, representing organizations and movements from all over the Earth, voluntarily resigned from the climate talks in Warsaw. This is done to show their disapproval with respect to countries that their inaction and lack of constructive position postpone or even make it impossible for the production of a comprehensive agreement. This is the first case of mass exodus of civil society from the climate negotiations in the history of the COP Climate negotiations.


International organizations ActionAid, Care International and WWF presented the joint report dedicated to compensation of climatic damage and loss at the UN climate conference in Warsaw. Some parties to the negotiations do not support the need for a separate international mechanism for compensation of damages - including the U.S. and Russia.

Russian Federation together with Wetlands International present outcomes of the studies of terrestrial ecosystems with high carbon content - steppe, peatlands and tundra. Special consideration is given to ongoing greenhouse gas emission assessment and mitigation projects for wetlands and tundra.

On the eve of the UN Conference of Climate Change (COP-19) in Warsaw, experts are divided in their opinions - some are very skeptical and do not hope for any results, others are optimistic. Representatives of environmental organizations are sure that "Warsaw must become a turning point in the negotiations. It is high time to move from words to actions."