На завершающей неделе климатической конференции ООН в Варшаве прошла презентация экспертных материалов по проблемам и решениям в области климата и энергетики для обеспечения устойчивого развития России. Ущерб российской экономике от последствий изменения климата может составить до 0,7 трлн долларов в год. А действия в области энергоэффективности должны дать реальную альтернативу созданию новых грязных электростанций, вредящих природе и климату.

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Expert materials on problems and solutions in the field of climate and energy for sustainable development of Russia were presented in the final week of the UN Climate Conference in Warsaw. Damage to the Russian economy from the effects of climate change can be up to 0.7 trillion dollars a year. Actions in the field of energy efficiency shall give a real alternative to creation of new dirty power plants, harming nature and climate.

This booklet was distributed among delegates of the UN climate change conference COP17 in Durban, SA, December 2011.
The main position of NGOs was: NGO believe that the conference should provide significant progress in working out the new legally binding international agreement. Until such agreement will have been adopted; the second period of the Kyoto protocol shall be in force.


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NGO insist that nuclear power and large-scale hydropower cannot be egarded as an alternative to hydrocarbon power sources for resolving climate change issues including
joint implementation projects in the framework of the “post-Kyoto” agreement.

A dialog of official authorities that establish and implement climate policies and civic organizations is necessary. Environmental NGO are ready to participate in such a dialog.

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