Russia will reject any new climate change pact if the United States and China take no binding commitments


According to Reuters of 11 Sept 2009 (http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSLB2724), Russia demands U.S. back any new climate deal. The communication mentions Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s statement on Friday that he would reject any new climate change pact that imposed restrictions on Russia but not bind other big polluters, like the United States or China. Putin's tough message indicates the difficulties that negotiators from nearly 200 countries face in ironing out the details of a complex new pact to combat global warming before a December deadline.

The drive to agree a new U.N. climate deal in Copenhagen by the end of this year is already considered under threat by some nations, with world leaders seeking to revive the bogged-down negotiations at a U.N. summit in New York on Sept. 22.

"We ratified the Kyoto protocol even though some colleagues tried to persuade us it was harmful to Russia's economy," Putin said. "Other countries did not approve it and they are much greater polluters --
the United States," Putin told the Valdai group of academics and journalists at his Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow.

The Russian Socio-Ecological Union (RSEU) considers that Russia must take commitments on cutting GHG emissions in any case as a stimulus to transfer the national economy to energy efficient technologies and to competitive level at the world market, to be taken independently of commitments by other countries. The RSEU Position on Climate and Energy (http://rusecounion.ru/ang_position) adopted in November 2008 states that “Russia has necessary internal conditions for taking considerable measures for cutting GHG emissions.”

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