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The Ministry of Economic Development has sent to the executive authorities for approval the draft updated plan of measures to improve energy efficiency of the Russian economy. Practical actions and financing are of crucial importance in this matter, are sure representatives of the Russian Social and Ecological Union.

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The Vnesheconombank Development Institute (VEB.RF) has published the first version of guidelines on green finance. Representatives of the Russian Social and Ecological Union believe that the country’s development trend should be not only the development of a climate-friendly “green” image of individual campaigns, but also the “greening” of the entire economy and spheres of life of Russia.

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The International Energy Agency (IEA), together with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), proposed a sustainable recovery plan to world governments. There will be no better time to move the economy into a green direction, experts say. Representatives of the Russian Socio-Ecological Union,  who’ve launched an initiative to collect proposals for a green recovery from the crisis, agree with them.

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450The World Economic Forum has initiated a major economic reset. Authoritative economists are confident that development in the pre-crisis format "as usual" will only exacerbate existing problems, and humanity has one promising way - to develop in a carbon-free, sustainable and fair manner

The Government of Russia approved an updated version of the Energy Strategy until 2035. Representatives of public environmental organizations believe that the document lags behind the new world reality: it lacks sustainability and real mechanisms to stimulate low-carbon development.

Analysts at the World Economic Forum (WEF), together with Mckinsey&Company, prepared the Energy Transition Index (ETI) 2020, a ranking of states’ power production readiness for the transition to renewable energy. Russia, ranked the 70th last year, now dropped down to the 80th line, although the document attributed it as a “potentially promising” country.

 The pandemic has put the global economy in a stupor; most countries in the world, according to analysts, are on the way towards a grave crisis. Only few sectors will be able to avoid reforming, restructuring or liquidation. Where to look for a way out of the crisis? RSEU Climate Secretariat supports the viewpoint of the Club of Rome that the “green agenda” could be a salvation: that is, taking fossil fuels off and supporting circular economy.

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Среди тревожных новостных бюллетеней также появляются сообщения о позитивном коронавирусе (COVID-19): пандемия оказывает положительное воздействие на окружающую среду и климат: происходит меньшее количество выбросов, а вода и воздух становятся чище. Коронавирус и изменение климата являются более тесными взаимосвязанными явлениями, чем это могло бы показаться на первый взгляд. По мнению секретариата ргпэу по климату, " в настоящее время необходимо твердо сохранять жизни и планировать более здоровое будущее посредством справедливого восстановления.”

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At the current pace of state programsimplementation, the energy intensity of the gross domestic product will decrease by no more than 21% by 2035, the Ministry of Economic Development presented the State Report on the state of energy conservation in the RF. Representatives of the Russian Social and Ecological Union believe that practical actions and financing are crucial for the improvement of energy efficiency.

One of the conflicting topics of the climate negotiations in Madrid was the “double counting” of carbon reductions. during the negotiations, the Friends of the Earth and 160 other civil society organizations issued a statement in which they emphasized that carbon quotas and everything connected with them are profanation of greenhouse gas reductions, and those should have no place in the new climate agreement.

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