проект сети экологических некоммерческих организаций, выступающих за открытость и общественное участие в вопросе будущего ядерных реакторов Северо-Запада России, выработавших плановый ресурс  

During more than 10 years, an international network of environmental nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) within the Decomatom project has advocated more openness and public participation on the future of the NPPs in North West Russia which have reached their design limit. The main focus during the years has been the timely planning of decommissioning, as lack of plans obviously can pose an obstacle to start a process for closure. In addition, issues such as lack of accumulation of funds, lack of transparency and lack of inclusion of social and environmental aspects in the thinking around decommissioning have been central issues in the project.The network works to show the positive world experience, and to promote participation of all stakeholders on the ground of democratic principles.

Below you will find relevant publications from the network and its participants.

How to pay? Financing decommissioning of nuclear power plants. Naturvernforbundet/Friends of the Earth Norway, 2017

In this report, we have studied the solutions for financing of decommissioning chosen in Sweden, the United States and Germany and Russia. Generally, we recommend all countries to follow our five criteria for decommission funds; individuality, transparency, self-repayment, independence and compliance regarding their decommissioning plans.

Radioactive Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel Management in Russia: View of Non-Government Organizations. DECOMMISSION network, 2017

In this report, NGO members of the DECOMMISSION International Network present their opinions on the problem of radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel. The report also presents facts and figures on radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel in Russia.


Legal regulation to ensure participation of regions in decision-making on the placement of nuclear power facilities. 2016 (in Russian language)



Nuclear power plants withdrawal in Russia, Radioactive Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel Management in 2016 (Only available in Russian language)


Opening closed rooms - 10 years for increased openness and public participation in decision making of the future of nuclear reactors in North West Russia which has reached their design limit. 2014

The decommission network project “From closed rooms to openness” was started by environmental NGOs from North West Russia in 2003, when the oldest nuclear units had reached their design limit, but continued operation. In this report, we present 10 achievements from the first ten years of the project.

Concept of a Decommission Plan for Old Nuclear Power Reactors. Guiding Principles from Environmental NGOs. 2008

The Concept mission is to involve authorities, nuclear industry and general Russian public in the process of the timely planning of safe decommissioning of nuclear power units, which have reached

their design lifecycle limit. The Concept summarizes the world experience on nuclear power unit decommissioning.

Status of Russia’s decommission fund. 2006

The report aims to tell the story of the Russian decommission reserve, the historical background and present situation. Using open sources and letters to authorities, the report presents far more knowledge than was available before. In addition, the report provides background facts about Kola and Leningrad NPPs.